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Advantage of Nector Insulated Tanks - Conical Series.

  • Nector first timein India offers the tanks in conical top & bottom design manufactured at the State of the Art Techology Plant .It is proved that top & bottom of cylindrical tanks in conical shape & design has higher strenth in comparision to oval/ellipitical shape.
  • Nector Tanks are made of high quality prime & mirror polished stainless-steel material and are 100% hygienic for use in potable water like food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Nector insulated Tanks are made of double wall& in middle provide with layers of superior quality thermal insulating material such as Polyurethane & Cross-linked Polythylene Foam with aluminium foil barriers(PUF & XLPE) to maintain water temperture in extreme hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Nector provides thicker insulated layer in the top cover apart from additional layer of insulation in the lid of the tanks.
  • Nector Tanks are bulit with inlet/outlet/overflow/drain/air-vent connections along with heavy quality stand in the factory itself .Hence,high quality standard in achieved where as in others conventional tanks these fitting and stand are not provided with tanks and procured thereafter as site.
  • Nector Tanks provide with drains pipe from the centre of the concial designed bottom in such a way that it is most easy to clean and drain out 100% in comparison to falt shapeof the bottom of the conventional tanks.
  • Nector Tanks are built to such a design that it makes it durable ,safe and outperform in the market.
  • Nector Tanks are manufactured with conical top-canopy of heavy thickness along with unique grooves which makes it extra strong as well resistant to deposite of unwanted dust ,rust and rainwater etc. The concically designed top-canopy is capable to bear heavy load in compaison to oval shape.
  • Necor Tanks are buit with specially designed stainless-steel beading at the periphery of the top -canopy and lower part of outer shell which does not deteriorate with time like rubber beading provide in ordinary tanks which is prone to get effected due to UV rays in external application.
  • Nector Tanks are manufacture with conical bottom of heavy thickness and 316 grade quaily SS sheets.
  • Nector provides over flow ad inlet connection pipes fom bottom of the tanks so that no leakge occurs from it and future repair if required can be done easily in case od nay damage during plumbing pipes connection made at site outlet connection are also provided from bottom.

Nector Tank - Insulated Conical Series

Cross - Selection Showing 6 Layers of Insulation & Inlet / Outlet / Overflow Fittings From Bottom.

Temperature Diagram showing performance of Nector SS Insulated Tank-Conical Series.